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Flying Horseman (BE)

(at NoD)

The Glitch Mob


IMT Smile


Monika Kruse


Climax 20th Anniversary

w/Todd Terry (USA)



Nero (UK)

(DJ set)


Gaika (UK)

(at NoD)

Mark Knight (UK)


Electro Swing Fever

Jorge Blanco


Kapitán Demo

křest Mládí v trapu

Grandmaster Flash


Joris Voorn, Yotto

Orion a Vladimir 518

w/ Mike T & Strapo

Ať nežeru - Kapitán Demo

křest Mládí v trapu vol. 2


Semester Closing Party

Hospitality Prague


Jan Blomqvist & Band



New Year's Eve 2018





Rival Sons


White Lies


Sofi Tukker (US)

[loveit] sound

Acid Arab live


Poets of the Fall



[loveit] sound: Night Lovell (CA)

tickets: 550 czk

Rescheduled to 20th March 2019

#concert #hip-hop

The tour of Canadien rapper and producer Night Lovell is rescheduled to next year due to his new album preparations. The show is rescheduled to March 20th 2019, the venue (Roxy) is the same. All purchased tickets remain valid or can be refunded until October 31st at the point of purchase. Tickets for the new date are now available via and Ticketmaster.

Night Lovell's management have sent the following statement:

"We have some unfortunate news regarding our upcoming Night Lovell 2018 European tour. Due to the current progress of the upcoming album we are currently behind our projected due date for the release. Lovell is also having some trouble focusing on strictly creating due to the tour being now so close when his album is still a work In progress. We do understand that this may be upsetting. There are many positives for all parties is this were to be routed post album."


Ottawa-based rapper and producer Shermar Paul started making music in 2014 when he was 16 years old. He fell in love with music producing, which was the kickstart to his music career. Uploading beats to Soundcloud every now and then for fun on his free time. In roughly a year, Lovell decided to upload his first rapping track Dark Light. Some months after this he released his debut mixtape Concept Vague, which was a jump start to his career. His music is combining experimental hip hop with cloud rap and lately also with trap. Lovell's second album Red Teenage Melody came out in 2016 and it was obvious that a very promising new name on the current hip hop scene was born. A year later, he performed at Ottawa Blues Fest, which was something he dreamed about from the begining. Night Lovell is currently working on new material. "I always have an amount of songs to put out, but unless I feel like they connect in a way, I'm not gonna really put out an album, I'll just put out song after song. But there might be a time, when I'm like 'these kinda conect' and then we'll work on an album," he says.