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Flying Horseman (BE)

(at NoD)

The Glitch Mob


IMT Smile


Monika Kruse


Climax 20th Anniversary

w/Todd Terry (USA)



Nero (UK)

(DJ set)


Gaika (UK)

(at NoD)

Mark Knight (UK)


Electro Swing Fever

Jorge Blanco


Kapitán Demo

křest Mládí v trapu

Grandmaster Flash


Joris Voorn, Yotto

Orion a Vladimir 518

w/ Mike T & Strapo

Ať nežeru - Kapitán Demo

křest Mládí v trapu vol. 2


Semester Closing Party

Hospitality Prague


Jan Blomqvist & Band



New Year's Eve 2018





Rival Sons


White Lies


Sofi Tukker (US)

[loveit] sound

Acid Arab live


Poets of the Fall




23:00 – 24:00 Omek

00:00 – 01:30 Biodan

01:30 – 03:00 Fritz Kalkbrenner

03:00 – 06:00 Michael C

tickets on the door: 600 czk

During this event, you'll be able to check in with MY ROXY app for the first time this season .

Fritz Kalkbrenner was born in East Berlin in 1981. He produced the eclectic hit “Sky and Sand” together with his brother Paul Kalkbrenner. With tracks like “Get a Life” and “Back Home”, where he also sings the vocals, he managed to create his very own sound. He produced four albums within seven years: “Here Today Gone Tomorrow”, “Sick Travellin”, “Ways Over Water” and “Grand Depart” that combine electronic with soul music. He strikes new ways with his new album “Drown” since the phonogram is totally instrumental. He specially brought out his old Drum Machine and his Jupiter 8 for the album. With Drown he immerses in sounds that brought him to electronic music 20 years ago. He starts a musical new start among classic house music and dubbing as well as quirky sounds that refer to his beginnings in the Berlin club scene. All this will be expected and adored on 15th September at ROXY. All his shows were sold out, so it is advisable to buy ticket in pre sale.