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Barber, Jose Madeira

Bad Rabbit, Mig

SNBM, Michael C

Chris Sadler, Jean Luc

Michael C, Subgate

Wotty, Criminal Noise, Jean Luc & Ripple, Drawn Moon

SNBM, Roberto Chochola, Mazer, Ripple & Drawn Moon

Barber, Jose Madeira

Styx, Michael C

Melvin Coxx, Johnatan Fitz

Enrico, Tokatko

Jean Luc, Tibiza

Michael C, ProggyBoy, Priest, Volume Plus, Chombo

Chris Sadler, Yannick, Matthias O'Zana, Thiew, N:Force

Barber, Andy Road

Styx, Mig

Melvin Coxx, Johnatan Fitz

Chris Sadler, Michael C

Wotty, Subgate

Kove (UK), Ripple, Zudakabass (FR), Beaty, Schooler b2b Thiew, Beast Jane b2b Nelliq

Wotty, Black Ops, Mazer, Volume Plus, Chombo

Barber, Andy Road

Styx, Mig

Melvin Coxx, Johnatan Fitz

Drahosh, Reddit

Jean Luc, SNBM

Michael C, BadRabbit, Yannick, Volume Plus, Chombo

Chris Sadler, Roberto Chochola, Pietros, Switch, Schooler

Barber, Andy Road

Sofi Tukker


Poets of the Fall








Jack Savoretti


Dean Lewis

Fast Food Orchestra + VOJTAANO

Xavier Rudd


Carpenter Brut




Lucky Chops


Ezra Furman







Katatonia & Sólstafir

Twilight Burials - EU tour 2022

Ice Nine Kills


Son Lux


High Contrast






Little Dragon






Memoria album tour


Half Alive (US)


A venue with a unique genius loci in the heart of Prague

The stylish art-deco architecture of the 1920s movie theatre, the passion for music, and, the flair for art define the now legendary club, ROXY. Where else than at ROXY could you find the ambience of world class concerts, wicked dance parties, or even sponsored events.

In symbiosis with the ROXY operates on the first floor also a café, gallery and theater NoD - a truly multidimensional place which transforms into many shapes. The permanently pulsing NoD permeates with a creative atmosphere and the walls vibrate with echoes of applause. The night comes alive at the bar under a golden bone.

Video ROXY/NOD Presentation Club plan

Technical specification

Sound Lights Visuals

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Synonymous with the wild nineties, ROXY helped to form the Czech underground and is currently an icon tracking and setting trends across genres. Worldwide stars of house- and techno-music grew with ROXY, and drum & bass labels such as Hospital and RAM have found a second home with us in Prague. The music always comes first.


Our sold out hall is a place where guitar riffs resonate deep the hearts of fans. Mastering the intimate big stage with its close contact with the audience has attracted both small stars and supernovas of the music scene for over 20 years already. Inhale, exhale in the rhythm of ROXY.

Corporate events

Top-notch location, multi-functional venue, and its own specific style. ROXY / NoD offers a unique venue for corporate events, private parties or press conferences in an environment surrounded by contemporary art.

ROXY Visuals

The aim of the Roxy Visuals project is to revive music club space with visual arts. Club atmosphere and aesthetics is very specific, at first glance it might seem that strongly limits. The space creates problems, which are not easy to cope with.

Are the works of art able to stand in a visually challenging, constantly changing environment of the nightclub? How  contents of works of art behave in pop culture media environment? Do they retain authenticity or decline to decorativeness? Artists are allowed to hit on a few selected locations in a wide range of media from traditional media statement to a site-specific installation. On two light panels in Chill out gets space a literature.

Main stage

Chillout stage



Staropramen 11° 0,5 50,-


Staropramen 12° 0,33 55,-
Stella Artois 0,33 65,-
Hoegaarden 0,33 65,-
Corona 0,35 90,-
Stella Artois N/A (non-alcoholic) 0,33 50,-
(Grep, Lemon)
0,5 50,-


House wine - white/red
Morava - Vinařství Vajbar
0,2 50,-
Ryzlink vlašský
Morava - Vinařství Holánek
0,75 315,-
Morava - Vinařství Čapka
0,75 395,-
Morava - Vinařství Čapka
0,75 395,-
Rulandské Šedé
Morava - Bábíček/Vacenovský
0,75 450,-
Grüner Veltliner
Morava - Weingut Kellner
0,75 495,-
Morava - Bábíček/Vacenovský
0,75 450,-
Francie - Luc Pirlet
0,75 450,-
Terre Siciliane Rosso
Itálie – Duca di Saragnano
0,75 495,-
Zweigeltrebe Rosé
Morava – Vinařství Kosík
0,75 315,-


Bohemia Demi Sec 0,75 320,-
Bohemia Brut 0,75 320,-
Prosecco 0,75 385,-


Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin rosé brut 0,75 2490,-
Moët Chandon Brut Imperial 0,75 1990,-
Piper Heidsieck Brut 0,75 1490,-


Rekordeling 0,33 65,-
Carling 0,3 65,-


Coca-Cola 0,2 50,-
Sprite 0,2 50,-
Kinley Tonic Water 0,2 50,-
Kinley Ginger Ale 0,25 60,-
Coca-Cola Zero 0,33 65,-
Fanta 0,33 65,-
Fuze Tea 0,5 65,-
Kofola 0,5 55,-
Natura neperlivá 0,3 50,-
Natura perlivá 0,3 50,-
Evian 0,33 70,-
Soda 0,2 20,-

Juice Cappy

Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Currant, Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Cranberry 0,2 55,-

Energy drinks

Red Bull 0,25 90,-
Red Bull sugar free 0,25 90,-
Red Bull Edition 0,25 90,-
Red Bull + Smirnoff Red 0,25 + 0,04 180,-
Red Bull Boat
1 l Smirnoff Red + 6x 0,25 Red Bull

Ice Coffee

Mr. Brown 0,25 50,-


Laphroaig 10 let 0,04 140,-
J. Walker Red 0,04 85,-
Chivas Regal 0,04 110,-


Jameson 0,04 90,-
Tullamore Dew 0,04 90,-


Jack Daniel's 0,04 110,-
Jack Daniel's Honey 0,04 110,-
Jack Daniel's Fire 0,04 110,-
Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 0,04 130,-
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 0,04 170,-


Jim Beam White Label 0,04 80,-


Cabrito Blanco 0,04 100,-
Cabrito Reposado 0,04 100,-
Don Julio Aňejo 0,04 145,-


Southern Comfort 0,04 75,-
Absinth 0,04 85,-
Becherovka 0,04 70,-
Becherovka Lemond 0,04 70,-
Fernet / Fernet Citrus 0,04 70,-
Tuzemák 0,04 65,-
Slivovice 50% 0,04 75,-
Hruškovice 45% 0,04 75,-
Metaxa ***** 0,04 80,-
Sambuca 0,04 90,-
Jägermeister 0,04 90,-
Bailey's 0,04 90,-


Martini Extra Dry 0,1 60,-
Martini Bianco 0,1 60,-
Martini Rosso 0,1 60,-
Martini Rosato 0,1 60,-
Campari 0,04 60,-


Gordon's 0,04 90,-
Hendrick‘s 0,04 140,-

Velo offer

Chips 30,-
Tic Tac 25,-
Roxy mints 25,-


Lucky Strike Flow King size price according to stamp
Lucky Strike Row Resized price according to stamp
Lucky Strike Cold price according to stamp
Lucky Strike Authentic red price according to stamp
Lucky Strike Red price according to stamp
Lucky Strike Blue price according to stamp
ROXY zapalovač 25,-

Nabídka Velo

Freeze X-Strong 104,-
X-Freeze Ultra Strong 104,-
Mini Tropic Breeze Medium 104,-
Mini Urban Vibe Medium 104,-
Mini Berry Frost Medium 104,-
Mini Polar Mint Medium 104,-


Smirnoff Red 0,04 90,-
Smirnoff Red + Red Bull 0,04 + 0,25 180,-
Koskenkorva peach 0,04 70,-
Russian Standard 0,04 110,-
Russian Standard Gold 0,04 130,-
Grey Goose 1l 3200,-
Smirnoff Ice 0,275 90,-


Bacardi Carta Blanca 0,04 90,-
Bacardi Carta Negra 0,04 90,-
Bacardi Carta Oro 0,04 90,-
Bacardi Oakheart Spiced 0,04 90,-
Cpt. Morgan Black 0,04 80,-
Cpt. Morgan Spice 0,04 80,-
Malibu 0,04 80,-
Sailor Jerry Spiced 0,04 105,-
Cachaca Velho Barreiro 0,04 90,-
Ron Zacapa 23 0,04 180,-
Legendario Elixir De Cuba 0,04 130,-
Kraken Black Spice Rum 0,04 100,-
Malteco Rum 10 YO 0,04 110,-
El Dorado 12 YO 0,04 140,-


Bacardi Carta Blanca, hnědý cukr, máta, soda, limeta
Smirnoff Red, triple sec, cranberry juice, limeta
Cuba Libre
Bacardi Carta Blanca, Cola-Cola, limeta
Gin & Tonic
Gordon´s, Kinley Tonic
Long Island Ice Tea
Bacardi Carta Blanca, Cabrito, Gordon’s, Smirnoff Red, Triple sec, Cola-Cola, limeta
Cachaca Velho Barreiro, hnědý cukr, limeta
Tequila Sunrise
Cabrito, Grenadine, orange juice
Sex On The Beach
Smirnoff Red, Peach likér, cranberry and orange juice
Kahlua, Baileys, Roxy Absinth
Black Russian
Russian Standard, Kahlua
Dark´n Stormy
Kraken Black Spice, ginger beer, limeta
Moscow Mule
Russian Standard, ginger beer, limeta
Mojito N/A (non alcoholic)
(hnědý cukr, máta, soda, limeta)
Skinny Bitch
(Smirnoff Red, soda, limeta)
Aperol Spritz
(Aperol, Prosecco, soda)


Neo™ Navy Blue price on request
Neo™ Electric Purple price on request
Neo™ Electric Yellow price on request
Neo™ Electric Green price on request
Neo™ Click Purple price on request
Neo™ Click Green price on request


Earplugs 50,-

Podle zákona o evidenci tržeb je prodávající povinen vystavit kupujícímu účtenku. Zároveň je povinen zaevidovat přijatou tržbu u správce daně online; v případě technického výpadku pak nejpozději do 48 hodin.

Cloakroom operating rules applicable at Roxy Club, public premises providing entertainment

  • A visitor to the club is entitled to deposit a single item of clothing or other object against the issuance of one cloakroom ticket.
  • Should a visitor act in breach of the rule of depositing a single item of clothing against the issuance of one cloakroom ticket, including cases of additional items of clothing being stuck in the deposited item (e.g., a sweatshirt or a scarf stuck within a sleeve), the keeper of the premises shall not bear responsibility for the possible loss of such additional garment.
  • It is not permitted to leave in the garments deposited valuables such as money, mobile phones, personal documents and the like. In case of breach of this rule, the keeper of the premises disclaims liability for the possible loss of any such valuables left behind in the deposited items of clothing or luggage.
  • The cloakroom ticket is a legal tender. In case of its loss, its recipient is not entitled to claim from the keeper of the premises any compensation for the possible loss of an item of clothing resulting from its being handed over to another person.
  • In the case of loss of a cloakroom ticket, the club visitor concerned shall agree to wait until all items of clothing and other objects deposited there have been handed over to customers, or alternatively, upon the request of the keeper of the premises, shall return to collect their items on the following day.

Experimental space NoD

Bold and off-beat theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, audiovisual events and a café. All this in one place located in the very center of Prague.

The program of the venue consists of three key dramaturgy lines - theatrical Teatro NoD, artistic Gallery NoD and Events NoD.

Experimental Space NoD offers inexhaustible possibilities for both artistic and social experiments, whether it is an experimental form of theater or the approach to education, learning and undermining prejudice. The essential elements of the NoD program are quality, honesty and the need to create and cooperate.